Thursday, 29 October 2015

Children's Dental Sealants

Lessening the Chances of Tooth Decay in Children

Even careful brushing sometimes misses the contours of back teeth. As plaque forms and exposure to acids continues, a cavity will form. We offer an excellent preventive technique that will help in the fight against cavities. Dr. Berger can apply a thin layer of a dental sealant, which adds an extra measure of protection against cavities.

It is a quick and easy treatment that is pain free with no shots, drilling, or tooth removal necessary. This is how the sealant is applied:

All teeth are cleaned properly and sterilized. A thin coating of the sealant is applied. It is invisible, as it is clear or white. With a curing light, the coating is bonded to the surface of teeth. And that is the whole procedure that takes just minutes! This is one of the best preventive measures to help children and adolescents keep their mouths cavity free! 

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